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Confused by my utter lack of order? Fear not, here's a slightly less messy masterlist to aid your navigation c:
Masterpost of all my works! )

A/N: In the process of editing, and cleaning this up! I used to be devils_solitude @ LJ, but I've since migrated the entirety of my journal over here. I can be found on AO3, and Tumblr, both of which I tend to check more often than my DW! Thank you for visiting~ ❤


May. 19th, 2017 04:39 am
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The desire for selfish possession brings about the wilting of that which is coveted.

petals withered, essence unbloomed )

(Part of the Moments of 海城 collective: Let Me Taste the Blood of Your Mouth/Gift Me the Oceans in Which You’ve Drowned)

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Untouched by the grace of the light he seeks, taunted by its existence in the one he resents, what Seto isn't allow to have, no one else can either.

break its wings; eclipse its light )

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When one holds the intensity of the brightest stars, and other subsists on the voracity of the darkest black holes, their collision sparks both the creation and destruction of all they know.

He is the light so craved; he is the umbra that haunts )

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I know the first bit may seem redundant, but it won't be if I continue this AU! If I don't, then consider this my practice at writing diva!men sassing each other. After which I do a 180 and try to make Katsuya the adorable klutz he is.

[First] | [Previous]

and somewhere between all that Seto does something nice off scene )

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This is totally not an excuse for me to write how beautiful Seto is. Nope. What'd make you even think that?


even Katsuya has to admit that Seto has a pretty face... still an asshole though )


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A YGO x GG crossover with daemon_angelus! I just wanted to write indulgent Kaijou, focusing more on their banter and teasing that my usual fics don't really get to explore. Oh, and also because I wanted cute!Katsuya, and diva!Seto. Not even sorry at this point.

in which Seto uses increasingly impossible chores as reasons to keep Katsuya in his office )

Want to see what happens when Katsuya asks Sol for help? Head over here to find out!

[Next] | [Final]

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Based on an idea that got way out of hand after I drew Katsuya in a collar. Oops. Featuring an introspective look at KaiJou, exploring the quirks of their characters around the catalyst of said undergarment and collar. Oh, and no, there won't be sexy times. (How on earth did I manage to circumvent that with two of the most prime items for said sexy times??)

in which Katsuya wears a very form fitting pair of boxer-briefs... and argues with Seto )


AO3 Link (Parts 1 & 2): [x]
Tumblr Link (Parts 1 & 2): [x]
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When days turn into months into years, even the most determined individuals falter after being dealt an unfavourable hand by fate. A character study of Jounouchi Katsuya; post-canon set after the events of YGO DM when everyone is into adulthood, and assuming DSoD never happened.

because sometimes it's your own hand that stifles the fires of youthful optimism )

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Oct. 29th, 2016 02:54 am
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There's a desperation in both of them, for a coupling that never could, never would be. All they can do is defy, and revel in the present, because whatever it is they have is better than nothing at all.

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So my folks finally bought me Pokemon White 2 after my finals, and I've been playing it like a nut since :'D. I never got around to finishing Pokemon Black since well, I really wasn't in the mood for playing Pokemon then, and the new mechanics and teams for Uber/OU tiers meant that I had a ton of catching, retraining and leveling ahead of me if I wanted to compete again, so I pretty much just lost the little motivation I had then. However, I think my Pokemon hiatus finally worked this time, and I sped through the game while over leveling like the madwoman I am. :D (To give you an idea, my main was near level 100 when I finished the game, and the rest were 5 levels below him. And that was without extra training my Emboar.) Now that I've more or less finished the game, I was thinking I should create a master post for various questions/quizzes of the newer features/aspects of the game for easy reference. Feel free to use the information below for your own convenience too! :)

Twist Mountain Quiz )

Rebattles )

Fun but Useless Facts )

While I've not created an Uber/OU team yet (blame inertia; I've no idea how I managed to do that during my 'A' Levels then -.-), feel free to contact me in-game anyway! I'd be more than happy to trade, and when I get my teams up, battle! >:D

Trainer ID 22326
Trainer Name: Aleria

I'll be editing this space as I continue to collect information and try them myself, so do check back! Looking forward to hearing from other Pokemon enthusiasts! :D

Also, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! (Apocalypse, psh! What a bucketload of bollocks!)
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While it is not rare for me to stay awake at the most ungodly hours to partake in what many may consider a frivolous teenage girl's hobby, I tend to have little to no qualms about sacrificing sleep and time to immerse (at least I didn't say drown) myself in some fanfiction once in a while. Fine, maybe not some, but at least these episodes tend to flutter by a little less often than before. It's been a while since I've stumbled upon anything decent, let alone breathtaking, but it seems like my determined trudge through Archive of Our Own (or as we affectionately call it, AO3) has not been in complete vain after all.

The funny thing is that I've long given up hope of finding anything I would find remotely mature, yet true enough to the series/characters in this particular fandom, and especially not in this pairing, my OTP -- Puppyshipping. Don't you scoff at me. And wipe that ugly smirk off your face. How, just pray tell, how in the name of the heavens, can anything written for a pairing fortunate enough to be coined such a name be anything but pure crack? But thankfully, and for the love my sanity, amidst the growing pile of utterly ridiculous plots concocted by those I can only swear to be a bunch of particularl gifted repubescent girls who have decided that allowing their pets to randomly smash a keyboard is an infallible method of creating a masterpiece worthy of eternal remembrance, this little gem appeared.

Don't worry, this particular piece definitely steers clear of that stereotype.

Because sometimes the heavens take pity, and answer our prayers of hope
[Trigger Warning: Rape/Non-con][M/M; Graphic]

Before you either lambast me for my utter lack of taste in choice of fics courtesy of the trigger, or lament about how I probably oversold it, here's a quick summary if you may, of what you can expect.

What I love about this piece is not that it has incredible writing, or because it boasts an exquisite plot. What captivated me was the maturity in which it handled the theme, especially - don't hit me - in a fanfiction. The impression I got when reading the piece was that of careful (meticulous might be pushing it, just a bit) planning supported by sufficient (as with before; in-depth might be pushing it, just a bit) research. The protagonist's emotional journey depicted lightly mirrors my own (fortunately, that was a product of something significantly less devastating, but still painful enough in relative), and the actions and conversations were sufficiently believable despite occasional slips-ups. The overall plot is rather predictable mostly, yet not enough to dull the interest of the reader. Although I do have a bit of a nit to pick with the healing process in terms of credibility, I will leave it at that because while unlikely, it can, and has happened before.

If what I have mentioned above has done little in coaxing you from either ambivalence or just plain steadfast disbelief, take comfort in that you should stumble upon several nice mentions, and thus rewarded with a slight increase in knowledge of a certain place once you have completed the fic. Nothing overly elaborate, neither are they in casually fleeting and disjointed mentions, but just enough of a suggestion for you to paint a ghost of a backdrop in your mind, and perhaps if you begin to enjoy it, create a rather lovely atmosphere as well.

I just wish more people will give longer and proper plot-driven fics a chance. I am not even hoping for these pieces to get any acknowledgement (i.e. reviews and comments), just for others out there to actually try reading them. Given the average age of the fandom, most tend to skim over these little gems, beelining towards the plentiful collection of PWP (Plot? What plot?) smut in attempts to satiate their unrelenting hedonistic desires. It will be hypocritical of me to say that I relinquish all forms of desires myself, but the composition of the fandom's demographic unfortunately creates what I find to be the most depressive skew against anything which requires the slightest semblance of independent thought as a preamble to enjoyment. It's no wonder the quality of fics has steadily declined since I took a hiatus from the fandom years before. Who in the right frame of mind will continue painfully crystalizing endless days of efforts and sleepless nights into a fic if there is no one else out there who can appreciate it?

Perhaps I'm a tad biased because this particular piece is centered around a pairing I still love with a near maniacal fervor after all these years; perhaps I'm just actively yearning for something that does some form of justice to a couple that possesses such potential, if only under the skillful pen of an author who can tame their fiery personalities; perhaps I'm growing old and lonely, gradually reduced to silently longing for something of a fantasy relationship; perhaps it is just because I'm feeling particularly vulnerable and susceptible today. Whatever the reason is, I don't really know, but at the same time, it doesn't matter. Because what I take away from the fic is not an elaborately spun embroidery of wistful longing and daydreams pertaining to the story/characters, but an unwilling introspective journey of my own, in which I've learnt, or relearnt some aspects of myself for better or worse. And that is what makes the words of another linger amidst a whirlwind of my own.

How can you truly let go of something you’d just barely gotten, something that you’d dreamed of for your whole life, forcefully taken, stolen from you in cold blood; or maybe, just maybe, willfully departed. How can I forget the taste it had given me -- the mist of fantasy illusive in the night, and how, finally, that hope, that hope that I’d once thought had abandoned me, reignited, if only temporarily, in the belief that perhaps, I’m not alone. It felt like the soft caress of a waking dream; canvas fading, crumbling into nothingness as my eyelids involuntarily flutter to life, only to find that I’ve left it behind; lost in the myriad of euphoria that feels nothing more than the remnants of a cruel trick of the mind.
Hope is a precarious thing. It feeds desperately upon the finest threads of illusions, calling out to what you know will never come, unendingly conjuring up and nursing falsities that perhaps, just perhaps, the heavens will take pity, and relieve you of the abyss of pain and loneliness that you have thrown yourself into. Or at least perhaps, finally release you, setting you free into the veil of deception and embrace of sweet insanity.

And yes, the title is meant to be a double entendre; quite apt a choice don't you think?
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A product of short-breathed me being unable to accomplish anything vaguely productive due to persistent light-headedness and faltering alertness. Now I know how a fish feels out of water.

Literally. )

On a separate note, while I was trying to gulp as much air as I could while sitting passively in my twenty degrees room, I stumbled across this on my tumblr dash. There was something strangely compelling about the plea so I decided to read more about the situation. While it is not an overly tragic story, I just felt like I needed to help her in some way. Perhaps it was the fact that her fandom helped her achieve such widespread awareness about her plight - The fact that a group of strangers, most of whom have never and probably will never get a chance to meet one another, decided to take it upon themselves to help a fellow fan in need. Not much information was divulged in the beginning, but the several people who had interacted with her enough and felt a personal connection believe that this person from another part of the globe was worth saving. And that I found was really heartening. Videos were created, a song was even written and many pieces of artwork sent in for encouragement (with some artists even taking commissions of which the proceeds will subsequently be donated to her). People may think that those you meet over the Internet are just fleeting strangers, disappearing once the only element of similarity fades as one ages; it is such an event which refutes this notion, reminding us that you don't need to physically interact with a person to truly care for them, to be their friend.

I'm not using that paragraph of me rambling as a way to promote her case. It has reached most fandoms on tumblr and even a celebrity has contacted her with regards to a surgeon who is willing to help her. I'm just trying to remind myself that people still have that bit of humanity left in them, and that love and care pervades physical borders. That kindness may not yet be extinct. Maybe it's just the ailment-ridden me who feels sympathy for this stranger, especially after nearly fainting less than an hour before I saw the post, but it is nice to know that people are still willing to help one another in today's world.

Edit: I just found out she is a Saiyuki fan too! All the gorgeous familiar posters on her wall...
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Even I can no longer tell when reality ended and fiction started.

Unedited and will continue to remain as such.

Because I still can't decide if it's my fault or yours )
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So the dreaded 21 has finally claimed its first casualty. I believe this calls for a moment of silence for the first member of The Gang has taken her first (and probably extremely traumatising step) into adulthood. This has started the clock for the rest of us; it won't be long before we too fall victim to such a fate.While I'm neither the first nor the last in this painful wait, it will be interesting to see how each of us react to this coming of age and predict that of my own as well. So to bury the last vestiges of childhood and to usher in endless mountains of responsibilities, debts, wrinkles and aching bones, here's a short poem -for the lack of a better word- I (rushed/)did for her last night.

Because I thought this would be the perfect excuse for me to prove how I still can't write poems. )
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I had the most painful and sudden urge to write at an ungodly hour past midnight. Despite knowing that I needed to wake rather early today, I also knew that sleep would elude me unless I got the words off my chest. I'm pleasantly surprised (and frightened) at how painlessly each sentence came to me; probably the result of months of forced uninspired pieces which I've still yet to finish.

This topic is rather dear to me for it's been something I've been grappling with for as long as I can remember. Although I'm unable to reveal the full context and extent of some of my rambles, hopefully this piece is not in too much of a disarray and can still warrant at least simple understanding. 

Yes, I do abuse the use of punctuation and run-on-lines. If you are familiar with my works, you should know that it's just another superficial cover for my lack of ability to fully grasp the simple punctuation laws of grammar.

Because more often than not, you are too afraid to listen to it )

On hindsight, maybe the rediscovery of my love for fandoms and ships helped reignite my love and need to write once more.

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Here's the other piece of writing I originally wanted to post on Wednesday. And yes, I never stick to my schedules. Written over a month or so ago while I was attempting to kill time in school. Even with edits and additions, it still seems like an incomprehensible mess to me. Quite an accurate depiction of how my brain works in general really.

Because my mind and body can no longer fight )

I’m really starting to hate, I mean dislike (no matter what, I just can’t bring myself to loathe something which had played such a huge role in my becoming of age) how heavy and dense my writing style is. I’m envious of those who can spin simple elegant sentences and still convey the most beautiful imagery to the readers. In comparison, my overly lengthy sentences injected with one too many descriptive adjectives probably drive readers (and myself) insane instead.

I guess my writing style is very much shaped by my personality, aptly reflecting my detail-oriented nature and my inherent compulsiveness for needing to lay out every single facet of the story or event (and in the process, not leaving space for the readers’ imaginations). I guess it’s more of a one-way communication when I write as opposed to a shared medium in which others can involve themselves in.  This is also the reason why I can only write senseless ramblings for myself and nothing more.
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My dad had just returned from another one of his business trips a couple of days ago, which is wonderful news for me because trying to get to school on time (or at all) in the mornings during a downpour is an almost as easy as finding a cure for cancer. (Fine, not *that* difficult but you see what I’m getting at right?)

So while I was in the shower earlier, I started thinking about the concept of teleportation (blame it on too much The Big Bang Theory, heh). How convenient would life be if we can just appear at our destination without any worries about traffic, missing the bus or battling the elements? As perfect a fantasy that is for someone like me who can never seem to leave the house on time, how possible will it be to implement such a technology?

Warning: Possibly flawed amateur 'scientific' ramblings )

Remind me why I didn't take Physics as a degree again? Also, for those (sad souls) who have not seen The Big Bang Theory, do give it a shot! It's brilliantly written and has a ton of both geeky and non-geeky humour to put you in stitches. (Although if the show revolved around Chemistry instead, I'd find it much less of a joy to watch.) Not to mention one of the leading actors, Jim Parsons, has the remarkable talent of making an otherwise detestable character rather endearing.

Oh dear, looks like this post ate up too much of my time for me to post another piece of writing today. Well, science in small doses is healthy for everyone anyway! Hopefully those who have read this will be slightly more interested in learning more about Physics in the future!

Disclaimer: The above post contains personal views and is based on the understanding of devils_solitude. Thus it may contain various inconsistencies in applications of complex scientific concepts. The concepts presented may also change with time for quantum physics is still in its infant stage and is characterised by constant new developments. These new theories may at times conflict with existing ones (which were originally thought to be set in stone) as well.

The explanations above are merely of devils_solitude's interpretation of the material taught by/gathered from her 'A' Levels Physics tutors, History Channel's The Universe, her various reference books on Astronomy and Wikipedia and thus should not be used as a credible scientific source.

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Because words are all I have left )

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