Dec. 23rd, 2012

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So my folks finally bought me Pokemon White 2 after my finals, and I've been playing it like a nut since :'D. I never got around to finishing Pokemon Black since well, I really wasn't in the mood for playing Pokemon then, and the new mechanics and teams for Uber/OU tiers meant that I had a ton of catching, retraining and leveling ahead of me if I wanted to compete again, so I pretty much just lost the little motivation I had then. However, I think my Pokemon hiatus finally worked this time, and I sped through the game while over leveling like the madwoman I am. :D (To give you an idea, my main was near level 100 when I finished the game, and the rest were 5 levels below him. And that was without extra training my Emboar.) Now that I've more or less finished the game, I was thinking I should create a master post for various questions/quizzes of the newer features/aspects of the game for easy reference. Feel free to use the information below for your own convenience too! :)

Twist Mountain Quiz )

Rebattles )

Fun but Useless Facts )

While I've not created an Uber/OU team yet (blame inertia; I've no idea how I managed to do that during my 'A' Levels then -.-), feel free to contact me in-game anyway! I'd be more than happy to trade, and when I get my teams up, battle! >:D

Trainer ID 22326
Trainer Name: Aleria

I'll be editing this space as I continue to collect information and try them myself, so do check back! Looking forward to hearing from other Pokemon enthusiasts! :D

Also, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! (Apocalypse, psh! What a bucketload of bollocks!)


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