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My dad had just returned from another one of his business trips a couple of days ago, which is wonderful news for me because trying to get to school on time (or at all) in the mornings during a downpour is an almost as easy as finding a cure for cancer. (Fine, not *that* difficult but you see what I’m getting at right?)

So while I was in the shower earlier, I started thinking about the concept of teleportation (blame it on too much The Big Bang Theory, heh). How convenient would life be if we can just appear at our destination without any worries about traffic, missing the bus or battling the elements? As perfect a fantasy that is for someone like me who can never seem to leave the house on time, how possible will it be to implement such a technology?

Warning: Possibly flawed amateur 'scientific' ramblings )

Remind me why I didn't take Physics as a degree again? Also, for those (sad souls) who have not seen The Big Bang Theory, do give it a shot! It's brilliantly written and has a ton of both geeky and non-geeky humour to put you in stitches. (Although if the show revolved around Chemistry instead, I'd find it much less of a joy to watch.) Not to mention one of the leading actors, Jim Parsons, has the remarkable talent of making an otherwise detestable character rather endearing.

Oh dear, looks like this post ate up too much of my time for me to post another piece of writing today. Well, science in small doses is healthy for everyone anyway! Hopefully those who have read this will be slightly more interested in learning more about Physics in the future!

Disclaimer: The above post contains personal views and is based on the understanding of devils_solitude. Thus it may contain various inconsistencies in applications of complex scientific concepts. The concepts presented may also change with time for quantum physics is still in its infant stage and is characterised by constant new developments. These new theories may at times conflict with existing ones (which were originally thought to be set in stone) as well.

The explanations above are merely of devils_solitude's interpretation of the material taught by/gathered from her 'A' Levels Physics tutors, History Channel's The Universe, her various reference books on Astronomy and Wikipedia and thus should not be used as a credible scientific source.


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