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I was digging through my unorganised mountain of files (which was hidden in an obscure corner of my computer resulting in me completely forgetting about its existence) and I stumbled across something I did a few months back. It was a really interesting activity (to me at least) from a website my friend had showed me then.

Here's the task/activity:

Two Sentences
Task is as follows:
1. write two sentences.
2. create tension between them.
3. define "tension" any way you want.

Since I'd completed a couple, or rather a non-round number of 'sets' previously, I decided to edit and add a couple more in. It was great fun to do and besides, round numbers always look better right? They aren't the best examples of tension but hey, the task allows me to define it however I want it to be so there!

Of disjointed sentences and morbid subjects. )

Most of mine are made up of two disjointed sentences (hence making this exercise perfect for poetry if you ask me) and depict not too happy a subject but that's just me; those are the types of things I usually write/think about.

Even if you dislike my crappy take on the exercise, I'd still suggest you giving it a shot, even if it means writing down just a single pair of sentences. It's the perfect invitation for inspiration and even if you aren't lacking in that, it's quite enjoyable!

I'll be look forward to seeing your takes on this little activity!


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