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So my folks finally bought me Pokemon White 2 after my finals, and I've been playing it like a nut since :'D. I never got around to finishing Pokemon Black since well, I really wasn't in the mood for playing Pokemon then, and the new mechanics and teams for Uber/OU tiers meant that I had a ton of catching, retraining and leveling ahead of me if I wanted to compete again, so I pretty much just lost the little motivation I had then. However, I think my Pokemon hiatus finally worked this time, and I sped through the game while over leveling like the madwoman I am. :D (To give you an idea, my main was near level 100 when I finished the game, and the rest were 5 levels below him. And that was without extra training my Emboar.) Now that I've more or less finished the game, I was thinking I should create a master post for various questions/quizzes of the newer features/aspects of the game for easy reference. Feel free to use the information below for your own convenience too! :)

Twist Mountain Quiz

Note: You only have 1 try a day to answer the question given. Each time you give a correct answer, a new question will be posted to you the following day, otherwise you will get another attempt at the question you were asked the day before. This will continue until you have answered a total o 5 questions. After completing the quiz, go to any Pokemon Centre and speak to the guy who hands out Medals, and you will receive th Heavy Machinery Pro edal.

1. Which place is famous for an old rusty crane truck?
Answer Virbank City

2. The trucks that run on Route 4 come in three different colours: red, blue, and... What?
Answer: Yellow

3. Which question is this?
Answer: Third Question

4. Which Gym has a yellow drill car?
Answer: Driftveil City

5. How many bulldozers are there in Twist Mountain?
Answer: Two

After completing the game:

Cilan, Chili and Cress - They can be found in the restaurant in Striaton City and rebattlable daily. You can choose to partner with one of them against the other two in a Double Battle (e.g. If I pair with Cress (Water), I'll face off against Cilan and Chili). My suggestion is to pick a partner using the type your pokemon is weak against. So if I use an Emboar, I will partner with Cress; I will take out Cilan's Grass types while Cress deals with Chili.

Colress - He can be found in the Plasma Frigate at the P2 Lab (on Route 18). The first time you find him, he can be found on the bridge. In subsequent daily encounters, you will find him on the deck (North of the ship).

Cynthia - You can first battle her in Undella Town during any season. She is in the house just to the left of the Marine Tube entrance. She is rebattlable daily in Spring and Summer.

GameFreak Employees (Morimoto and Nishino) - You first battle them when you explore Castelia City early in the game. But after defeating the Elite Four, they now have a new set of Pokemon of a decently high level (mid-high 70s), and you get to challenge them daily. They can be found in the GameFreak building in Castelia City (go to the route to the right of the Pokemon Centre, and enter the first building to the left). Morimoto's pokemon focus mainly on attacking power, while Nishino plays defensively.

Hugh/Your Rival In's Driftveil City ex-Team Plasma's house (in the North). Talk to him to battle him daily.

Shadow Triad - They can be rebattled once a season in Icirrus City (you will have to get past them if you want to get to an item on the '2nd level' of the town). The first trainer challenges you to a Single Battle, the next to a Triple Battle, and the final to a Rotation Battle.

After completing the game:

Humilau City - Originally, there was a Rich Boy and a Lady playing catch right outside the Pokemon Centre. After defeating the Elite Four, the Lady has disappeared, leaving only the Rich Boy standing there alone. He will then leaves you with a little gem of wisdom: With Pokemon and people, treasure every meeting. There may not be another... That's why you have to give it your best during that moment... (Summer love anyone?)

Route 18 - You can find Crasher Wake (Water Gym Leader in Sinnoh) staring out into the ocean. He'll ask if you've heard of him, but will not ask to battle you. He walks off when the conversation is over, and will not return to this spot. You can face him in the Sinnoh Leaders Challenge in PWT (Driftveil City).

While I've not created an Uber/OU team yet (blame inertia; I've no idea how I managed to do that during my 'A' Levels then -.-), feel free to contact me in-game anyway! I'd be more than happy to trade, and when I get my teams up, battle! >:D

Trainer ID 22326
Trainer Name: Aleria

I'll be editing this space as I continue to collect information and try them myself, so do check back! Looking forward to hearing from other Pokemon enthusiasts! :D

Also, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! (Apocalypse, psh! What a bucketload of bollocks!)
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