Jan. 25th, 2012

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A product of short-breathed me being unable to accomplish anything vaguely productive due to persistent light-headedness and faltering alertness. Now I know how a fish feels out of water.

Literally. )

On a separate note, while I was trying to gulp as much air as I could while sitting passively in my twenty degrees room, I stumbled across this on my tumblr dash. There was something strangely compelling about the plea so I decided to read more about the situation. While it is not an overly tragic story, I just felt like I needed to help her in some way. Perhaps it was the fact that her fandom helped her achieve such widespread awareness about her plight - The fact that a group of strangers, most of whom have never and probably will never get a chance to meet one another, decided to take it upon themselves to help a fellow fan in need. Not much information was divulged in the beginning, but the several people who had interacted with her enough and felt a personal connection believe that this person from another part of the globe was worth saving. And that I found was really heartening. Videos were created, a song was even written and many pieces of artwork sent in for encouragement (with some artists even taking commissions of which the proceeds will subsequently be donated to her). People may think that those you meet over the Internet are just fleeting strangers, disappearing once the only element of similarity fades as one ages; it is such an event which refutes this notion, reminding us that you don't need to physically interact with a person to truly care for them, to be their friend.

I'm not using that paragraph of me rambling as a way to promote her case. It has reached most fandoms on tumblr and even a celebrity has contacted her with regards to a surgeon who is willing to help her. I'm just trying to remind myself that people still have that bit of humanity left in them, and that love and care pervades physical borders. That kindness may not yet be extinct. Maybe it's just the ailment-ridden me who feels sympathy for this stranger, especially after nearly fainting less than an hour before I saw the post, but it is nice to know that people are still willing to help one another in today's world.

Edit: I just found out she is a Saiyuki fan too! All the gorgeous familiar posters on her wall...


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