Oct. 9th, 2011

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Here's the other piece of writing I originally wanted to post on Wednesday. And yes, I never stick to my schedules. Written over a month or so ago while I was attempting to kill time in school. Even with edits and additions, it still seems like an incomprehensible mess to me. Quite an accurate depiction of how my brain works in general really.

Because my mind and body can no longer fight )

I’m really starting to hate, I mean dislike (no matter what, I just can’t bring myself to loathe something which had played such a huge role in my becoming of age) how heavy and dense my writing style is. I’m envious of those who can spin simple elegant sentences and still convey the most beautiful imagery to the readers. In comparison, my overly lengthy sentences injected with one too many descriptive adjectives probably drive readers (and myself) insane instead.

I guess my writing style is very much shaped by my personality, aptly reflecting my detail-oriented nature and my inherent compulsiveness for needing to lay out every single facet of the story or event (and in the process, not leaving space for the readers’ imaginations). I guess it’s more of a one-way communication when I write as opposed to a shared medium in which others can involve themselves in.  This is also the reason why I can only write senseless ramblings for myself and nothing more.


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